Singingtree yoga

 Yoga tuition in North London

Hello, kia ora, ¡hola!, bonjour, g’day!

kirsten-singing-tree-yoga-01Yoga helps you unwind. It is a means to achieve peace and harmony in your life.

Kirsten has been studying yoga for fifteen years. She teaches an integrated Yoga class based on the 2,500 year Patanjali philosophy handed down from guru to guru.
She has used yoga practice in her professional singing career and for physical and mental wellbeing. With a background in professional Opera, Pop -Rock n Roll and Judo, Kirsten is experienced in dealing with sports injuries and also offers first trimester ante-natal classes and classes for children.

‘I always leave my sessions with Kirsty feeling beautifully relaxed. After leading me through a gentle sequence of poses using her excellent knowledge to keep me perfectly aligned, she expertly guides me through a variety of relaxing breathing exercises (pranayama) to help me switch off from all the business of the day. A treat!.’
Rachel Palin

‘I was delighted and surprised with the amount of yoga I could do. Recovering from knee surgery I’ve had a lot of physiotherapy, but in the short time I’ve been 1-2-1 Yoga it’s definitely money well spent. I’m already seeing the positive results.’

Carol Carrol

‘Kirsty’s yoga is real therapy, her 1-2-1 classes are delightful and for older people it’s a fantastic practise, for everybody actually’

Susan Peters

Try yoga in a safe and peaceful environment: Kirsten can come to your home for one-to-one and small classes, or offers a bespoke class in her private North London garden/studio.
Kirsten invites you to rejuvenate with yoga. For rates and information keep an eye on the Website. Classes can be scheduled to suit your personal timetable and location. Discounts are available for group bookings, introductory sessions, or if four or more classes are booked.